​Library Remote Storage


How are items retrieved from Library Remote Storage? Requests for LRS materials are made using this request form. Please fill in the form as completely as possible and submit it.

What is Library Remote Storage (LRS)? Library Remote Storage was established in 2010 to house important, lesser used materials in the Library's collections. Transferring little used materials out of the main Library allows us more seating space, flexibility for services, and room for new materials.

What materials are housed in Library Remote Storage? Materials housed in LRS include bound volumes of journals from the periodicals collection, indexes from the reference collection, and little used serial publications from the general collection. Many of the stored materials are also available in electronic format. Contact the Reference Desk for more information.

How long does it take to retrieve material from Library Remote Storage? Materials will be retrieved within 48 hours (during the regular work week). Requests received on Thursday or Friday will be filled the following week.

How do I know which materials are shelved in Library Remote Storage? In the MavScholar, materials in LRS are indicated with the location: Library Remote Storage.

How will I be notified when requested material is available for use? You will receive an email informing you that the material is available. In the case of electronic copies, the file will be posted to a website and you will receive instructions on how to access the material.

What are the borrowing policies for items retrieved from Library Remote Storage? Materials retrieved from LRS will circulate under the same policies the originating collection and patron category.

Can I get electronic document delivery or a photocopy of material housed in Library Remote Storage? Yes, electronic delivery of articles or chapters is the preferred format. Electronic articles will be posted to a website in pdf format for retrieval. Photocopying is available as a special request.

Is Library Remote Storage open to the public? No, the Library Remote Storage facility is not open to the public. Library staff will retrieve materials as requested.