Laptop & Equipment Borrowing


Library Laptops are currently available for checkout

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Equipment available for checkout

  • Multimedia equipment is available to current students, faculty, and staff for class-related projects.
  • Community borrowers may not checkout library multimedia equipment.
  • Equipment types other than laptop computers can be booked (reserved in advance) for pickup. Remaining items are available on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Most items circulate for one week.
  • Equipment cannot be renewed. Upon returning the equipment, a different unit may be checked out if one is available.
  • Equipment can be returned anytime during Library hours. Equipment may be returned to the ERC (during ERC open hours) or Circulation desks. Do NOT place equipment in the book drop. A damage fee may be charged if equipment is returned with broken parts, missing cables, or is placed in the book drop.
  • Borrowers must provide multimedia supplies, such as USB drives, SD cards, etc, for the equipment.
  • Equipment has steep late fees of $25 per day from the TIME due. Please don't be late.

Equipment items available:

One week checkout unless otherwise noted.

  • Adapter cables (HDMI, VGA, USB, etc.)
  • Audio cassette tape recorders
  • Calculators (financial, scientific, and graphing)
  • Camera dolly
  • Camera DSLR – photo and video
  • Camera shoulder mount
  • Camera smoothee curve
  • Camera Steadicam
  • Cameras - basic point & shoot
  • CD and cassette tape players
  • CD, DVD, and BluRay external optical drives for computers
  • Charging cables for phones, tablets, and laptops - due end of day
  • Digital voice recorders and microphones
  • Extension cords
  • GoPro camera + accessories
  • Headphones - end of day
  • Laptop computers -- Place an Equipment Request to be notified of next available computer. For more information, see Requesting a laptop computer. Laptops check out until the end of the semester. Laptops can be renewed between Fall and Spring semester if student is registered for Spring classes. No renewals are allowed in May.
  • Microfilm & microfiche portable readers
  • Microphone: boom
  • Microphone: handheld
  • Microphone: headset
  • Microphone: shotgun
  • Podcast Equipment: Podcast Kit includes 2 PodMic microphones and stands, RodeCaster II audio production board, headphones, in a carrying bag.
  • Portable overhead projectors
  • Portable speakers
  • Presentation pointers/remotes
  • Projector screens
  • Public address systems with microphone and amplifier
  • Slide projectors
  • Sun lamps with full-spectrum light
  • Swivl
  • Tripods
  • Video projectors -- one week checkout
  • Webcams

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Equipment available for use in Library

Multimedia equipment available for in-Library use. MavCard not required to use these items.

  • DVD players
  • Videotape players (VCRs)
  • Videotape player for international video formats – PAL, SECAM, etc.
  • Region-free DVD player for international DVDs
  • Cassette tape recorders
  • 16mm film projector
  • Record player

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