​Your Subject Librarian

Library Services designates a subject librarian for faculty and students in all academic programs. As liaisons to a department or program, subject librarians:

  • Offer specialized reference consultations
  • Order library materials such as books, journals, and media.
  • Teach classes and individuals how to maximize use of library resources for research




Allied Health & Nursing    
Dental Education Paul Wyss 2258
Family & Consumer Science Paul Wyss 2258
Health Sciences Paul Wyss 2258
Human Performance Justine Martin 2251
Nursing Paul Wyss 2258
Recreation, Parks & Leisure Studies Justine Martin 2251
Speech, Hearing & Rehab. Services Justine Martin 2251
Arts & Humanities    
Art Nat Gustafson-Sundell 2772
Communication Studies Mark McCullough 5154
English Jessica Schomberg 2155
French Lynne Weber & Bobby Bothmann 5272(lw), 2010(bb)
German Lynne Weber & Bobby Bothmann 5272(lw), 2010(bb)
Mass Media Mark McCullough 5154
Music Lynne Weber & Bobby Bothmann 5272(lw), 2010(bb)
Philosophy Mark McCullough 5154
Scandinavian Studies Lynne Weber & Bobby Bothmann 5272(lw), 2010(bb)
Spanish Lynne Weber & Bobby Bothmann 5272(lw), 2010(bb)
Theatre & Dance Lynne Weber & Bobby Bothmann 5272(lw), 2010(bb)
Accounting Lisa Baures 2255
Accounting: Business Law Lisa Baures 2255
Finance, Insurance & Real Estate Lisa Baures 2255
Management & Industrial Relations Lisa Baures 2255
Marketing Lisa Baures 2255
Marketing: International Business Lisa Baures 2255
Aviation Management Barb Bergman 5945
Counseling & Student Personnel Casey Duevel 5150
Educational Leadership Barb Bergman 5945
Early Childhood Casey Duevel 5150
Ed Studies Casey Duevel 5150
ROTC Casey Duevel 5150
Special Education Barb Bergman 5945 
Science, Engineering & Technology    
Astronomy Pat Lienemann 1292
Automotive & Manufacturing Engineering Heidi Southworth 5066
Biology Pat Lienemann 1292
Chemistry & Geology Pat Lienemann 1292
Computer & Information Sciences Tom Tran 5058
Construction Mgmt. Heidi Southworth 5066
Electrical Engineering Heidi Southworth 5066
Integrated Engineering Heidi Southworth 5066
Math & Statistics Tom Tran 5058
Mechanical Engineering Heidi Southworth 5066
Physics Pat Lienemann 1292
Social & Behavioral Sciences    
Anthropology Kellian Clink 5152
Economics Evan Rusch   2460
Ethnic Studies Monika Antonelli 2507
Gender and Women's Studies Monika Antonelli 2507
Geography Evan Rusch 2460
History Evan Rusch 2460
Law Enforcement Evan Rusch 2460
Political Science Evan Rusch 2460
Psychology Kellian Clink 5152
Social Studies Evan Rusch 2460
Social Work Kellian Clink 5152
Sociology/Corrections Kellian Clink 5152 
Urban & Regional Studies Evan Rusch 2460