​Interlibrary Loan (ILL) for Minnesota State Mankato Students & Staff

Request items from libraries worldwide using our Interlibrary Loan service. This is a service for only current Minnesota State Mankato students, faculty & staff.

You may request books, DVDs and other media, government publications, conference papers, theses and dissertations through ILL. You cannot borrow software through interlibrary loan as Minnesota State, Mankato does not lend these materials to other libraries. Libraries seldom lend rare, fragile, or unique items that would be difficult or impossible to replace. Current textbooks are generally not available; if a request is identified as a textbook, it will be cancelled.

You may request articles from journals and magazines through ILL. Libraries usually scan or copy articles rather than lend whole issues of periodicals.

Average turn-around-time, from submission to receipt of the item, for articles is 1-3 business days if the article is available from a Minnesota library. For books available in-state, the usual time until you receive it is 1-5 business days. These are average times only and may vary a good deal if shipped from a distant library. Most requests are filled in 1-3 weeks. ILL will attempt to fill your request until your "not needed after" date has passed, so give us as much time as you have available. You will be notified if we are unable to acquire an item for you.

You can check the status of your ILL requests by logging into My Library Account. Occasionally, ILL cannot fill your request because we are unable to identify a lending library or document supplier for the item you requested. You will be notified about any request that cannot be filled. 

All interlibrary loan notices will be sent to your campus email account, so be sure to check your MavMail on a regular basis. Also, you can check the status of your requests by going to the library homepage and logging into My Library Account

Receiving periodical articles: Most interlibrary loan requests for articles are filled electronically and posted to a website. You will receive an email notice explaining how to retrieve an article. You have 7 days and 5 viewings to copy or save your article from the website. Occasionally a lending library will send your article in paper format, in that case you will receive a pickup notice. 

Receiving books, videos, and other "returnables": ILL books, DVDs, and other loaned items can be picked up at the Library Circulation desk on the first floor. You will receive an email notice when interlibrary loaned items are available to pick up. 

Delivery for faculty and staff: ILL books and other returnables are also held for pickup at the Circulation Desk. If you prefer to have books sent to your campus address, contact the ILL office to have your default delivery changed. Please note that campus delivery usually takes 4 days. Most articles are posted to a website (see "Receiving periodical articles", above). 

Interlibrary loan is intended for short term use of library resources. Lending libraries determine the loan periods for the items you request. Loans typically vary from one to four weeks. Find your due date on the bookmark included with the item you borrowed or check My Library Account. Renewal decisions for ILL items are made by the lending libraries, not Minnesota State Mankato. To request renewals for ILLs, go to the library homepage and log into My Library Accounts. Go to the Loans section, find the interlibrary loan option, and select renew. If the item is already overdue, you must contact the ILL office to make a renewal request. Check My Library Account daily for the lending library's decision. If the status of the loan does not change within a week, contact ILL staff.

Return ILL materials at the Library Circulation desk or the ILL office on the first floor. Do not return interlibrary loans in the library book drops! 

You are responsible for the care and prompt return of borrowed materials. You will be billed for lost, damaged, or overdue materials. Do not allow others to use your MavCard to borrow library materials. Number of active requests is limited to 50 for all patrons. You can request articles beyond these limits after they have been posted to a website. Books and other items must be returned to the lending library before you can make requests beyond the limits. Requests for increased limits may be granted, based on need.




Your request has been cancelled and is no longer being worked on


The request process has been completed. Article has been sent to you or book has been returned


Your request has passed the need-by date that you indicated

Locally Owned

Staff are checking the availability at Minnesota State Mankato for the item you requested

Locate failed

Your request requires further processing by staff to find lending libraries

Loaned to Library

Your item has been received and is being processed for you to pick up

Loaned to Patron

The item has been checked out to you


You have submitted a new request

New – Staff Review

Staff will review notes in your request or will add information for further processing


The item you borrowed is overdue, return it immediately


The item you borrowed has been recalled by the lending library, return it immediately

Renewal – Accepted

The lending library accepted your renewal request - check new due date

Renewal – Rejected

The lending library rejected your renewal request - return by due date


You have returned the item to the Minnesota State Mankato library, but it has not yet been checked in by owning library

Sent to Supplier

Your request has been sent to potential lending libraries


The item you requested is being delivered to Minnesota State Mankato


Your request has not been filled yet, but we are looking for other potential lending libraries. You will receive a cancellation notice if item is not available.

Waiting for Process

Your request will be processed and sent to potential lending libraries

Waiting for Renewal Reply

Your renewal request is pending approval of the lending library

Will be Supplied

A library has indicated they will send the item you requested to Minnesota State Mankato

Please contact msuill@mnsu.edu or call 389-1473 or 389-2156 for help with these codes or if you have other questions.

Memorial Library absorbs the cost of obtaining materials through interlibrary loan, except in rare cases when the supplier requires prepayment. This means the ILL service is free to use for students, faculty, and staff.

If you are a student who lives outside the greater Mankato area or a professor not teaching on campus, you can have Minnesota State Mankato books and interlibrary loan books sent to you. Also, you can have articles from Minnesota State Mankato or other libraries’ collections posted to a website. Click on Document Delivery for more information about this service.

Minnesota State University, Mankato's interlibrary loan service provides loans and copies of materials owned by Minnesota State Mankato Memorial Library and Music Library to other academic, public, and special libraries. We cannot fill requests submitted directly by individuals who are not affiliated with Minnesota State Mankato. Those patrons may request loans and copies of our materials through the interlibrary loan services of their own libraries.

We participate in the MnPALS and OCLC interlibrary loan networks and are members of SMILE, Minitex and LVIS. Our OCLC symbol is MNM.

Minnesota State Mankato interlibrary loan office is staffed during business hours Monday through Friday. The office is closed on major holidays and from December 24 through January 1 each year.

We accept requests from other libraries through the MnPALS (Aleph) and OCLC ILL networks as well as ALA and IFLA forms, Ariel, fax, and e-mail. Sorry, no telephone requests or rush service.

Please provide complete, accurate citations for all requests

Our loan period for print materials is 28 days. Our loan period for audiovisual materials is 21 days. All loans are subject to recall if needed by our patrons.

Request renewals before materials are overdue. No renewals for AV items.

Borrowing libraries are responsible for damaged or lost materials.

We will copy up to 50 pages per request.

Minnesota State Mankato is a reciprocal supplier. We do not charge Minitex, LVIS and other free suppliers. We charge other libraries what they charge ($10 minimum). We participate in OCLC's ILL Fee Management (IFM) system.

We ship loans via the Traverse des Sioux (TDS) and Minitex courier systems whenever possible. Standard delivery for other loans is U.S. Mail - Library Rate. If you want delivery via Federal Express, please supply your FedEx account number.

We ship copies via Ariel whenever possible. Standard delivery for other copies is U.S. Mail - First Class. If you want delivery via fax, please supply your fax number.

Contact the ILL Office at (507) 389-1473 or the Reference Desk at (507) 389-5958 for further information.

ILL office hours during the academic year : M-F, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Summer hours M-F, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.