Donating to the Hall of Champions

Collection Overview

The Brock/Otto Hall of Champions is an exhibit located in the Taylor Center that reflects the heritage of Minnesota State University, Mankato as well as the big dreams, big opportunities, and big impact that the University has today. The Hall of Champions highlights: heritage, academics, athletics, student life, and alumni.


  • Minnesota State Mankato memorabilia

Who donates to this collection?

Materials for this collection can come from anyone who has acquired Minnesota State Mankato related memorabilia.

What format of materials can be donated to the Hall of Champions?

As can be seen with the current arrangement of the Hall of Champions, the format of materials is wide-ranging and is only limited by space and preservation concerns. Please be aware that materials placed in the Hall of Champions are subject to much greater deterioration due to sunlight damage and other factors. At the discretion of the Archivist, items deemed too historically valuable or unique may be added to the Southern Minnesota Historical Center for enduring storage.

Accepting donated materials for the Hall of Champions

Only the Archives and Special Collections Librarian can formally accept collections. Please contact the Archivist before sending any materials to the Archives. All donors will be asked to sign a Donor Agreement addressing title and rights ownership.


While there are many worthy historical items, the Archives cannot accept all materials for donation. The Archives reserves the right to refuse items that exceed its financial and materials resources for care, maintenance, and available space. If the materials are not within the collecting scope of the Archives, the Archivist will make every effort to help the donor find a more appropriate repository. If the collecting focus changes for the Hall of Champions or items develop preservation concerns, the Archivist has the option of removing materials.

General Information about Donating Personal or Family Papers to an Archives or Donating Your Organizational Records to an Archives can be found on the Society of American Archivists website.