​Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

We empower our campus and community to learn, create, and disseminate knowledge through quality services and access to resources.

Vision Statement

Library Services:

  • Will be pivotal to student success through our expertise in facilitating discovery, study, learning, and scholarship.
  • Will create inclusive physical and virtual spaces, services, and collections, while responsibly stewarding campus resources.
  • Will foster collaborative relationships that promote the mission and strategic priorities of the university and library.
  • Will embrace change and pursue innovation to further the university mission and goals.

Diversity Statement

Library Services is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion. We recognize that our mission to empower our community through our services and resources requires us to engage in efforts to reduce and eliminate barriers to access and engagement. We understand that equitable access is not equal access. We aim to increase our ability to recognize and resolve issues of inequity through critical reviews of our services, spaces, and collections as well as professional development of library employees.

Definition of Equity/Equitable, Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Priorities, 2019-2022, Minnesota State University, Mankato, p.11.

Approved November 19, 2020

Library Services Strategic Action Plan 2021-2024

  • Focus Area A: Student Success (retention, completion, and closing the opportunity gap)
    • Goal A1: Promote and provide initiatives that support student learning and engagement through high impact learning practices.
    • Goal A2: Enhance access to library resources and services to meet the needs of a diverse student body
  • Focus Area B: Workplace Culture
    • Goal B1: Prepare a workforce equipped to address future needs of the library, university, and system.
  • Focus Area C: Assessment
    • Goal C1: Develop sustainable, evidence-based assessments for services and resources
    • Goal C2: Enhance demonstration of fiscal responsibility to promote student achievement.

Values Statement

Library Services, in addition to supporting the ALA Core Values and University Core Values, have
selected these additional values as especially important to us.

Change: We value innovation by providing leadership and support to patrons, coworkers, and campus peers throughout adaptation processes.

Collaboration: We value collaboration, cooperation, and teamwork among ourselves and others.

Communication: We value considerate, polite, and transparent communication.

Discovery: We value and support the entire research process by providing access to resources, helping patrons develop information finding skills, and encouraging the creation of new knowledge.

Inclusivity: We value each other and our users and work to create an environment that welcomes everyone.

Professionalism: We value professional development that enhances staff knowledge and engagement in order to provide service that recognizes and is accountable to patrons’ needs.

Respect: We demonstrate respect for patrons, coworkers, and library resources in how we conduct ourselves.

Approved May 5, 2016