​Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

We promote learning and the advancement of knowledge through quality services and access to information and resources.

Vision Statement

Library Services:

  • Will facilitate discovery, study, learning, and scholarship
  • Will create a physically and virtually accessible environment
  • Will lead in campus collaboration
  • Will anticipate and embrace transformational change

Values Statement

Library Services, in addition to supporting the ALA Core Values and University Core Values, have
selected these additional values as especially important to us.

Change: We value innovation by providing leadership and support to patrons, coworkers, and campus peers throughout adaptation processes.

Collaboration: We value collaboration, cooperation, and teamwork among ourselves and others.

Communication: We value considerate, polite, and transparent communication.

Discovery: We value and support the entire research process by providing access to resources, helping patrons develop information finding skills, and encouraging the creation of new knowledge.

Inclusivity: We value each other and our users and work to create an environment that welcomes everyone.

Professionalism: We value professional development that enhances staff knowledge and engagement in order to provide service that recognizes and is accountable to patrons’ needs.

Respect: We demonstrate respect for patrons, coworkers, and library resources in how we conduct ourselves.

Approved May 5, 2016