Jacqueline Asplund

Painting 6/9/2020
Jacqueline Asplund
“We can Beat this - Together”


When I first started this painting, I thought about what 2020 has symbolized for me. This time has been lonely even though we all are a part of it.  I wanted to get in as much as possible about what is going on right now to try to get future researchers an understanding of my feelings and emotions. We are not just going through a pandemic, but also a revolution of Black Lives Matter. For me, it was important to get this part into the drawing somehow since even though they are two different happenings, they are synced together and will always be in
the history books.

In the painting, one can see the main factors during this pandemic. There are empty streets, a person carrying a facemask, the dark theme, and the virus who shows taking over the city. There are tiny hints about the movement of Black Lives Matter. The skin-color of the person, the position of the person (in front of the empty streets and virus), the sign with the hashtags, and lastly the hidden message in the eyes. I do believe people will find different meanings and see more reasoning behind this painting to understand what people the year 2020 are going through-together.

“We can Beat this - Together” #COVID-19 #BLM: We are in this together, we fight together, yet so far apart, yet different paths. But we all have the same goal. To come out from this stronger, united, and with wisdom.