Francis Eichie

An excerpt from Eichie's reflection piece:

On the evening of May 2, 2020, I took a walk to the closest shop to my residence which is called Kwik Trip to get groceries, on reaching there, I met two of my friends, Richard and Amish who had also to come purchase items from the same shop and I walked quickly towards them. I felt a spur of happiness upon seeing them, I had put out my hand wanting to shake hands with them, accompanied by a subtle hug but Richard declined immediately saying to me “no shaking of hands till they are sanitized” and he put his hand into his pocket and brought out a bottle of hand sanitizer and asked that I open my hands for him to pour me some before he would shake my hands. I obliged him and did as he had asked, we shook hands while laughing about it and afterwards myself and Amish greeted using our elbows. We conversed for about thirteen minutes, standing six feet from each other with our face masks on all the while and afterwards I proceeded to shop at Kwik Trip for groceries and returned home.