Felix Asante

a rainbow over a parking lot

In the mid afternoon of yesterday, I was at the balcony of my apartment sipping my drink and having a feel of the sun. The atmosphere was conducive and relaxing. while I was living in the moment and minding my business, all of a sudden the weather changed, the clouds became dark and it started raining. It rained not for long, then a rainbow appeared in the sky. I quickly took pictures of how beautiful the sky looks with the rainbow.
In my home country Ghana, a rainbow signifies hope. so when I saw it in the sky, it demonstrated that there is hope during this difficult time. I smiled believing that whatever we are going through in this tough time including COVID-19 pandemic will end soon. All we have now is hope. No matter how big COVID-19 has affected or is affecting us, we should not give up, we should keep holding on to hope, that things will get better soon.
I will encourage everyone to be strong during this hard time. Remember, no condition is permanent...... We will get through this.