​Preservation Services


Preservation Services at Minnesota State University, Mankato's Memorial Library supports the Library's mission by offering the following services for Library materials in order to ensure longevity and usability to the Library's collections:

  • Binding library materials
  • Mending library materials
  • Collection maintenance
  • Addressing preservation issues
  • Providing education to library staff and the community
  • Disaster preparedness and planning
  • Collection development
  • Music binding

Library Services does not provide preservation services for non-library materials.

For personal binding and preservation needs, please see the below resources:

To learn more about Preservation training at the MNSU Memorial Library:

If you find a damp or wet book in the Library collection, please bring it to the Preservation Department immediately; if it is on the weekend or in the evening, place the book in the freezer, and contact the Preservation Department.

Please refer to these sites for more information:
The Air Drying of Wet Books
The Air Drying of Wet Files and Sheets
Other Preservation / Conservaton Sites
Collection Maintenance and Preservation